FIGARO - Fast Inference for GW Astronomy, Research & Observations

This page contains the documentation for FIGARO, along with a brief description of how to use it in your research project. Please refer to the GitHub issue tracker for bug reports (extremely appreciated), issues and contributions.
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Statement of need

FIGARO is an inference code designed to estimate multivariate probability densities given samples from an unknown distribution using a Dirichlet Process Gaussian Mixture Model (DPGMM) as nonparameteric model, and to perform hierarchical non-parametric inferences: in this case, the model used is (H)DPGMM, described in Rinaldi & Del Pozzo (2022a).
This code, originally developed in the context of black hole population studies using gravitational-wave observations, take as input generic data and therefore it can be applied to a variety of studies beyond gravitational wave populations.

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